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Big News!

I am excited to share with you that I have written and illustrated a new book - a children’s picture book - that explores grief as a sacred gift using the language of color.

I am very grateful to Paraclete Press, the publisher, and to Phil Fox Rose who is serving as my Editor for this special book.

I have come to see grief as a sacred gift. It is a time for tears and laughter. It is a time for remembering. It washes over you and changes you. 

So often we try to fix it. We want to pack it up into a tidy box and put it away on the shelf where it will stay…until it doesn’t.  

Since the publication of The Painting Table in late 2013, I have been interested in how we approach…or dare I say run from grief. I have been especially curious about children and how they grieve. Of course we don’t like it when our children hurt or are sad. So we try to fix it as fast as we can. “Turn that frown upside down,” we say. Or even worse, we say things like “She is in a better place,” or “This is part of God’s plan.”

We are doing our children – and ourselves – a terrible injustice. Grief is a sacred gift that comes our way when we least expect it or want it. Yet…there it is and we are faced with how to respond. I am hopeful that this book becomes the go-to book for children and parents to explore sadness and well as hope and healing. Adults will certainly respond to it as well. I think the best part of this book is the fact that it doesn't try and FIX anything.“My Favorite Color is Blue. Sometimes,” a lushly colored and illustrated children's picture book, will guide the reader through different emotions and physical reactions related to grieving and loss, including shock, tears, anger, and hope — a children’s picture book by design, but accessible to people of all ages. It will be released in 2017.





"In his book, The Painting Table, Hutchison invites readers to journal and share their stories of healing. In his own story, Hutchison lovingly describes how he got the idea for The Painting Table activity from his grandmother's kitchen table, a place where he spent much time: he equates childhood memories of preparing colorful vegetables such as summer squash, tomatoes and okra with the vibrant pigments he uses in his work as an artist." 

The Huffington Post


“If God’s voice is heard in music, then God’s face is seen in the visual arts. Roger’s vivid imagery opens our imaginations to a new way of walking through darkness and into wondrous light. Finally, here is a Lenten devotional that speaks to the artist inside each of us.”

Chris Yaw, founder of ChurchNext



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The Painting Table: A Journal of Loss and Joy

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