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In Roger Hutchison’s new book, Jesus: God Among Us, he reminds us that “a small child will lead [us]. It may involve a long and winding journey, but with cross held high, we will soon find our way home.” 

In this moment in history, we are all on a journey. For many, it may seem to be a journey of despair, of going nowhere, or worse, going backwards to Egypt and enslavement. But in Roger’s book, through Holy Scripture, visual art, and personal reflection, we are invited to remember that it is Jesus who is guiding us along the true and joyful journey. I have known Roger as a visual artist. In this new book, however, I have discovered he is also a dancer­­––moving effortlessly from Word to words, from image to reflection, and back again. It is not a solitary dance we are shown, but rather we are invited to join in the dance, to consider our own responses to Word and words, image and reflection. This is a book for this time, a timeless reminder that the Incarnation continues to enliven our lives and our time. We are on a journey. Jesus: God Among Us reminds us that the journey, while it may be long and winding, will lead all of us home, to the Incarnate God who is already in us and calling us again. - The Rt. Rev. Brian L. Cole, 5th Bishop of East Tennessee

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My Favorite Color is Blue. Sometimes.

The text and illustrations of this lushly colored picture book guide the reader through different emotions and reactions related to grieving, including shock, tears, anger, and hope. My Favorite Color is Blue. Sometimes. is a children's picture book by design, but accessible to people of all ages. 

Following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, author Roger Hutchison had the privilege of painting with children who had witnessed this tragic event. The experience affected him profoundly and convinced him of a vocation to serve those who grieve with his writing and art.

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 What others are saying...

Through brilliant colors revealed and remembered, Roger offers sacred space to dwell with grief and be at peace. -Lisa Kimball, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning, Director, Center for the Ministry of Teaching, Professor of Christian Formation and Congregational Leadership Virginia Theological Seminary

"Our world is increasingly re-discovering that grief and trauma are whole-body experiences. Hutchison's imagery and art are a feast for the eyes, soaking into the mind's memories and rendering fresh tears, smiles, and that human-divine alchemy of prayer that all great art performs. My 6 year old boy and I read this and he didn't miss a beat, following the visual crumbs to expressing the loss for his beloved GiGi and other loved ones we miss... Oh, and we'll never see blueberries in the same way!" -Troy Bronsink, founder of The Hive: A Center for Contemplation, Art, and Action and author of Drawn In: A Creative Process for Artists, Activists, and Jesus Followers.

Roger Hutchison’s “My Favorite Color is Blue. Sometimes.” explores the many colors of bereavement and invites the reader to paint a picture of the memories and emotions that make up their personal grief journey. - Marian Mankin, Program Director of Bo’s Place, a bereavement center in Houston, Texas.

Roger Hutchison takes you on a beautiful pilgrimage through sadness, grief, joy, and remembrance. "My Favorite Color is Blue.  Sometimes." is a must read book for children, youth and families walking through the complicated journey of life and loss. The words and images in this book bring love and light into the world. - Sasha McLean, LMFT, LPC, Executive Director of Archway Academy, Houston, Texas.

I loved the concrete examples coupled with the colors. This will help children be able to identify how they might be feeling and help them process their grief. I also liked how the colors held the mixture of feelings of sad, mad, sorrow, joy, laughter, fun etc. I think it helps anyone understand how the mixture of feelings can all be going on at the same time within you. Wonderful connections to make. - Joan Bumpus, BCC, MS, Vice President of Mission and Ministry, Providence Health

An amazing book with a unique way of teaching children how to grieve....a must read!" - Arun Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, President of the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, author of The Gift of Anger and Grandfather Gandhi

Working in hospice and palliative care, we often discussed the lack of appropriate resources to help the children, grandchildren and siblings of our patients process their grief. I wish I’d had a copy of My Favorite Color is Blue. Sometimes. on my shelf. The poetic verse and vivid artwork gently explore the spectrum of emotions grieving children, youth and adults experience. - Sarah H. Cross, LMSW, MPH 





 "My Favorite Color is Blue. Sometimes. is a fabulous book. For all ages. All you need to appreciate it are feelings and a love of colors."

Gail Godwin, New York Times bestselling author of Father Melancholy's Daughter


“If God’s voice is heard in music, then God’s face is seen in the visual arts. Roger’s vivid imagery opens our imaginations to a new way of walking through darkness and into wondrous light. Finally, here is a Lenten devotional that speaks to the artist inside each of us.”

Chris Yaw, founder of ChurchNext


"Each brush stroke and each word in this book is perfectly crafted to bring us the healing we desperately need."

The Rev. Dr. David W. Peters, author of Post-Traumatic God 


"Do you want to know Jesus better? Do you want to follow the way of Jesus more closely in your own life? Do you want to give your life more fully to the way, the cause, the Jesus Movement in our world today? Then Roger Hutchison's new book is well worth reading, marking, learning, and inwardly digesting."

The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry XXVII Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church



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The Painting Table: A Journal of Loss and Joy

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My Favorite Color is Blue. Sometimes. - A Journey Through Loss with Art and Color.

Jesus: God Among Us

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