Roger Hutchison . Artist & Writer


New Book!

"Under the Fig Tree offers words we may believe about God, love, and being seen. Roger Hutchison invites us to walk with Jesus as a friend and companion and in so doing we discover that, in fact, Christ is with us on our way. Fig Tree is a chorus of words, pictures, poems, images, hymns, dreams, lullabies, and waking kisses that will become a beloved book for the Lenten journey." - C. Andrew Doyle, Bishop of Texas, author of CHURCH and Generous Community.

 “Roger Hutchison has shown us how to choose love in his latest masterpiece, Under the Fig Tree. Here he leads us by example to do as Jesus teaches in Matthew 18:3: ‘Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’ This book takes us on a spiritual journey with Jesus as we celebrate the true meaning of Easter with greater understanding and awareness of its monumental importance in our every day lives." - Scarlett Lewis, Jesse Lewis Choose Love Everyday Foundation

“Roger prays prayers with words and paint that linger in the reader's soul so much so that we are called back, drawn back, invited back again to pause, to participate, and to pray. This invitation is our constant companion in our journey through Lent.” - Ginny Wilder, Trinity Church, Wilmington, Delaware

“Lately, I have been drawn to experiences in addition to words, which have been my spiritual milieu for decades. Now Roger Hutchison's beautiful book has crossed my path: words and images to nourish the spirit. Just what I needed, right now.” - Barbara Cawthorn Crafton, author of The Courage to Grow Old and many other books 

“If God's voice is heard in music, then God's face is seen in the visual arts. Roger Hutchison's vivid imagery opens our imaginations to a new way of walking through darkness and into wondrous light. Finally, here is a Lenten devotional that speaks to the artist inside each of us.” - Chris Yaw, founder of ChurchNext

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