Roger Hutchison


The Christian Century

"It was a simple oak table adorned with plain dishes and a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables." So begins Roger Hutchison's book The Painting Table: A Journal of Loss and Joy, a combination storybook and guide, inspired by a table left to him by his grandmother. Readers are invited to paint while they explore grief, loss and relationships. The gift of the table is one that Hutchison passes on to people of all ages in schools, churches and community groups." 

The Huffington Post

"In his book, The Painting Table, Hutchison invites readers to journal and share their stories of healing. In his own story, Hutchison lovingly describes how he got the idea for The Painting Table activity from his grandmother's kitchen table, a place where he spent much time: he equates childhood memories of preparing colorful vegetables such as summer squash, tomatoes and okra with the vibrant pigments he uses in his work as an artist."

The Living Church

"This beautiful short book is part autobiographical reflection, part art collection, part blank journal for the reader's reflection and part invitation to engage in prayerful art, individually or in groups. It can be read through in a matter of minutes; it can be lived into for a lifetime."

Faith In Books

"Hutchison understands the benefits of artistic expression and the needs of children - all of us - to express our feelings through art and creativity.  The Painting Table becomes a symbol of a gathering place for those joining in sacred creating and sharing of memories as if in communal prayer. Groups and individuals will find it useful whether in prayer or retreat, spiritual formation or crisis.  Hutchison's heartfelt gift is understanding the power of our life experiences and the importance of creativity as a means to celebrate and heal along life's journey."

“Roger Hutchison has shown us how to choose love in his latest masterpiece, Under the Fig Tree. This book takes us on a spiritual journey with Jesus as we celebrate the true meaning of Easter with greater understanding and awareness of its monumental importance in our everyday lives.”

“Roger prays prayers with words and paint that linger in the reader’s soul so much so that we are called back, drawn back, invited back again to pause, to participate, and to pray. This invitation is our constant companion in our journey through Lent.”

“Lately, I have been drawn to experiences in addition to words, which have been my spiritual milieu for decades. Now Roger Hutchison’s beautiful book has crossed my path: words and images to nourish the spirit. Just what I needed, right now.”

“If God’s voice is heard in music, then God’s face is seen in the visual arts. Roger’s vivid imagery opens our imaginations to a new way of walking through darkness and into wondrous light. Finally, here is a Lenten devotional that speaks to the artist inside each of us.”

At the Painting Table one experiences the Divine in new ways. This powerful practice is one the Center for the Ministry of Teaching is passionate about, having posted articles about it on Building Faith both last month and in 2014. Hutchison makes clear that no artistic expertise is required. In fact, the Painting Table is about the sacred space that opens up around the table, the sharing and discussion, and less about the painting that results.